Since 1999 (720ml) - Ultimate Vintage Daiginjo
Since 1999 (720ml) - Ultimate Vintage Daiginjo

Since 1999 (720ml) - Ultimate Vintage Daiginjo

Nakagawa Shuzo
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"Since 1999" was brewed using Yamada Nishiki rice in 1999. It was stored for 20 years, until 2019, at 0-1℃ to delicately and slowly brew this super premium Daiginjo sake. It is a sake with a light and dry taste, traditional taste of Nakagawa Shuzo with a clear but slightly yellow hue.

Interestingly Since 1999's taste changes drastically with a temperature. When chilled the sake is very crisp and dry, with a mild aroma. Also a refreshing taste is outstanding with a crisp and sharp finish. When served at a room temperature, a texture becomes very mild, the taste gets to sweeter, and Daiginjo scent spreads like blooming flowers.

Please feel a history over 20 years to reflect yourself with Since 1999.

Type of Sake Daiginjo
Sake Rice Yamada Nishiki
Alcohol 18%
Rice Milling Rate 38%


Character Light and dry taste
Aroma Citrus with a hint of oak
Serve Recommended to be chilled at 5-10℃
Bottle size 720ml
MOQ 1 bottle
Price S$550.00

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