About Us & Why SakeMasters

SakeMasters is an online store in Singapore to provide selected premium sakes and high-end craft products imported from Japan.

Our SakeMaster visits sake breweries in Japan, tastes each sake, thoroughly examines them and selects only high-quality of sake which meets our high standard.

We also provide educational learning opportunities mainly through SakeMasters Academy.



Dear sake lovers,

I started SakeMasters online store in Singapore in January 2020 to enrich our life-time experiences about sake.

I came from a different business field other than food & beverage industry but have my strong passions on sake, champagne, wine and restaurant. I encountered an issue how to select sake and enjoy it even though I am a qualified sake taster of Japan, i.e. “Kikizakeshi”. I believe you have similar experiences for wines to find your favorite ones but sake may be more difficult because it has more subtle taste than wine. Like wine, it is important to select sake as an integral part of marriage with foods.

Furthermore, enjoying foods and drinks is a kind of cultural experiences which we can appreciate more with an appropriate understanding of such foods and drinks as well as those cultural backgrounds. So, sake is no exception. I am doing this SakeMasters site not because of simply selling sake but providing great sake experiences so that you will be able to become “SakeMaster” and together we will be “SakeMasters” as I named this site.

Going forward, we plan to start sake tasting event and other services too. Let's enjoy a journey with us toward a "Mastery of Sake" and be "SakeMasters" together.

Sincerely yours,

Motomi Takayama
CEO & Director
Seventh Sense Partners Pte. Ltd., owner and operator of SakeMasters

January 12, 2020

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