Start of SakeMasters Academy - Mastery of Sake to be SakeMasters

We will start SakeMasters Academy that is a learning course toward "Mastery of Sake". We decided to offer SakeMaters Academy through our “Blog SakeMasters Academy" etc. because the more we learn about sake to start SakeMasters, the more we realize that we know nothing about sake. It is Socrate's maxim "I know that I know nothing". 

SakeMasters Academy plans to offer the following categories of learning courses:
-Introduction: Basic knowledge about sake to better enjoying sake
-Intermediate: More detailed explanation than introduction level to enjoy sake with more extensive knowledge
-Advance: Advanced expertise about sake to be involved in sake business in certain ways

You can find each level of articles by searching them using filter function at our Blog SakeMasters Academy. Please subscribe our newsletter to receive the most updated articles from SakeMasters Academy. Please check "SakeMasters Academy" tab to see the list of articles.  Going forward, we also plan to offer SakeMasters Academy online and offline classes (free and non-free) once we can develop our contents of the classes.

Let's begin a journey with us toward a "Mastery of Sake" and be "SakeMasters" together ! So, we will start our first journey to discuss "Brief History of Sake (When Japanese Sake Started?)" at our "Blog SakeMasters Academy".

"I know that I know nothing"
- Socrates (B.C. c. 469-399)



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