TAKANOME Daiginjo (720ml) - Pursuit of Excellence
TAKANOME Daiginjo (720ml) - Pursuit of Excellence

TAKANOME Daiginjo (720ml) - Pursuit of Excellence

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鷹の目(TAKANOME) is a high end Japanese sake brand to pursuit excellence in うまさ(delicouness). TAKANOME started in 2019 by collaborating with Hatsumomiji Brewery (founded in 1819), a traditional brewery in Yamaguchi prefecture. TAKANOME aims to become a high end sake brand to convey a beauty and deep traditions of Japanese culture so as to delight various lifestyles in different corners of our world.

It quickly became popular in Japan and has been attracting a lot of global attentions. As a result, TAKANOME normally has been sold out immediately after its release of new sake due to its scarcity. Its discernible aroma resembles a unique fragrance of pineapple, and its taste supersedes a conventional concept of Japanese sake. It is highly appreciated by Michelin celebrity chefs and 5-star hotel sommeliers.

TAKANOME regards “developing culture to enriches people's hearts through Japanese sake” as its brand mission and contributes to protect traditional culture and development of craftsmanship of Japan. 


Type of Sake Daiginjo
Sake Rice Yamada Nishiki (Hyogo Pref.)
Alcohol 16%
Rice Milling Rate N/A (Not Disclosed)
SMV N/A (Not Disclosed)
Character Elegant and fruity (pineapple, tones of a pleasant, yet bitter, orange peel)
Aroma Fruity and elegant aromas
Serve Recommended to be chilled under 5℃
Bottle size 720ml
Price S$300.00

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