KUMARAJU (720ml) - Master of Time: #1 for 4 Years
KUMARAJU (720ml) - Master of Time: #1 for 4 Years
KUMARAJU (720ml) - Master of Time: #1 for 4 Years

KUMARAJU (720ml) - Master of Time: #1 for 4 Years

Imayo Tsukasa Shuzo
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KUMARAJU (鳩摩羅什) is named after Kuramajiva, the legendary monk who lived around B.C. 350-409 and had the great impact on Buddhism in east Asia, with its aim to market this sake on a global basis.  KUMARAJU got various Golden Award in Japan. On the Japan's major online site, KUMARAJU got the #1 sale at its debut week and kept #1 sales for four consecutive years. 

Artisans of Imayo Tsukasa preserved its long history of brewery since 1797 and the vision of former chief sake maker. Actually, its name means "Govern the Present Era", i.e. "Master of Time". Imayo Tsukasa got various awards including Platinum and Golden Awards at MiIan Sake Challenge in 2019.

Its deep and dry flavors bring to mind the soul of the Niigata region using Gohyaku Mangoku rice for its dry and sharpness. KUMARAJU's Junmai Daiginjo features a clear taste, a typical character of Gohyaku Mangoku rice. It can have a great marriage with elegant sashimi, white fish and other light flavor of seafoods.

Type of Sake Junmai Daiginjo
Sake Rice Gohyaku Mangoku (Niigata Pref.)
Alcohol 15%
Rice Milling Rate 50%
SMV +5
Character Dry and deep flavor
Aroma Gentle aroma
Serve Recommended to be chilled under 10℃
Bottle size 720ml
MOQ 1 bottle


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