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Koshino Hakugan Junmai (720ml) - Tenugui Wrapping
Koshino Hakugan Junmai (720ml) - Tenugui Wrapping

Koshino Hakugan Junmai (720ml) - Tenugui Wrapping

Nakagawa Shuzo
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This project was created to convey the value of local Niigata traditions. The products created are based on this concept. This bottle comes with a unique gift. This sake has moderate sweetness and roundness taste, and a little gentle aroma.

As part of a collaboration of the sake brewery and the dye works, the bottle is wrapped in a unique hand towel. The towel is meant to eliminate the wastefulness of regular packaging. The towel depicts the large firework display in Nagaoka.

Nakagawa Shuzo ships 80% of its products locally in Niigata. So please take this rare opportunity to enjoy their sake outside of Niigata region.

Type of Sake Ginjo
Sake Rice Gohyaku Mangoku (Niigata Pref.)
Alcohol 15%
Rice Milling Rate 57%
SMV +4.5
Character Slightly dry
Aroma Sweetness and roundness
Serve Recommended to be chilled under 10℃ or lukewarm 15℃ to room temperature 20
Bottle size 720ml
MOQ 1 bottle
Price S$85.00

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