Kirakucho First (720ml)
Kirakucho First (720ml)

Kirakucho First (720ml)

Kita Shuzo
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It was brewed under the theme of "your first encounter with sake," as Kirakucho sees it.

It has a gorgeous, clear aroma and a light, cotton-candy-like flavor that spreads on the palate and disappears gently.

The design of the bottle, with its nuanced Lake Biwa motif, expresses the inherent delicacy of sake.

This sake is not only "easy to drink" but also adds color to the customer's encounter with sake.

Type of Sake Junmai Ginjo
Sake Rice Ginfubuki
Alcohol 15%
Rice Milling Rate 55%
SMV -4.0

Pale, elegant sweetness reminiscent of cotton candy


Gorgeous and clear aroma

Serve Recommended to be chilled under 5℃
Bottle size 720ml
Price S$63.00

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